Aerodynamic Research Center of
National Aviation University of Ukraine



UTAD-2 Wind Tunnel

General View of Test Section of UTAD-2 Wind Tunnel with Tree-Component Balance ABMK(t)

UTAD-2 is an atmospheric low speed wind tunnel of closed-return type with an open elliptical test section. It is used for educational purposes in aerodynamics and flight dynamics as well as for scientific investigations, and commercial purposes such as certification of wind velocity and wind direction meters. Methodological works like working through of new types of experimental rigs, data acquisition and processing approaches, etc. are performed, which are then implemented in large TAD-2 wind tunnel.
The wind tunnel is situated in room 102 of buiding #9 (click here to see NAU campus scheme).

For more detailed information, please see the Technical Guide of UTAD-2 Wind Tunnel.

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