Aerodynamic Research Center of
National Aviation University of Ukraine




  • The experimental rig is developed and used for unsteady aerodynamic characteristics determination in TAD-2 wind tunnel.
  • The conceptual design has been developed to construct in TAD-1 wind tunnel the additional vertical test section of a circular shape of 4.5 meters diameter with assessed free stream velocity up to 60 m/sec. This test section could be used for parachutist training, airplane spin investigation, helicopter rotors testing at vertical climb and descent, paraborne systems investigation, etc. The project makes provision for use of both test sections by turns.
  • It is put into operation 0.8 by 0.8 meter open-return type UTAD-1 wind tunnel with the solid walls closed test section. Expected air velocity is 25 m/sec. Wind tunnel is intended for educational purposes.
  • New type of experiments has been settled up the investigation of pressure distribution on the surfaces of buildings with ground boundary layer modeling open >>
  • Direct-flow wind tunnel TAD-5 is put into operation with the closed working part 0,6 0,32 0,8 m. Stream speed is 40 m/s. The wind tunnel is used in scientific aims.
  • It is planned to begin the measuring of aerodynamic forces and pressure distribution investigations of car models near-by fixed screen.

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