Aerodynamic Research Center of
National Aviation University of Ukraine




Models Development and Manufacturing

Highly qualified and experienced specialists of Aerodynamic Research Center can give any help needed by a customer in test models development, supervise its manufacturing in NAU. If large and complicated models are to be created, industrial firms can be called, which are known as model makers.

Profile With Streamwise Heaters Grid and its Design

Sophisticated Data Analyses and Use

Scientists of Aircraft Aerodynamics and Flight Safety Chair can perform on a separate order the data correction to full-scale Reynolds numbers using wind tunnel model data. Results of dynamically similar model testing can be used for calculation dynamic loadings on the elements of the real structure.

Calculations of aircraft performance characteristics and characteristics of stability and control

Using wind tunnel data the aircraft performance characteristics and characteristics of stability and control can be calculated.

Flight Dynamics Modeling

The staff of Aircraft Aerodynamics and Flight Safety Chair has accumulated an extended experience in flight vehicle dynamics modeling, including special conditions of operation: airdrop, flight in turbulent air, in presence of wind shear and downdraft, in icing and heavy rain conditions, with functional systems fault, errors of crew, and any combinations of the mentioned factors. On the need of the customer, the models can be developed using wind tunnel data and/or customer-supplied data. Accounting for the results of modeling, the control system of the object can be developed and optimized.

Flight Vehicle Development

The staff of Aircraft Aerodynamics and Flight Safety Chair together with the staff of the design bureau of non-traditional projects, which exists at the chair, can be recruited to develop flight vehicles (both aerodynamic and aerostatic), high-speed ground and water vehicles. The optimization can be performed of aerodynamic configuration of the vehicle; the problems of outer and internal aerodynamics can be solved.

Subsonic Wind Tunnels Development

The staff has an experience in aerodynamic development of low-speed wind tunnels. Several wind tunnels have been built including special purposes WTs (e.g. for climatic testing of anemometers).

Wind Tunnel, Developed and Made by Specialists of Aerodynamic Research Center, in Climatic Chamber of the Institute of Radio Measurements

The Fan Installation and General View of the Wind Tunnel of Odessa "Etalon" Firm, Developed by Specialists of Aerodynamic Research Center

Wind Tunnel Operators Training

A combination of about 70 years of teaching the aviation specialties and experience in wind tunnel testing guaranties a high-level training of specialists in tunnel testing methodology, data processing and interpreting, experimental rig development, and wind tunnel operation.

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