Aerodynamic Research Center of
National Aviation University of Ukraine



Technical Guide to the UTAD-2 Wind Tunnel

2. UTAD-2 Wind Tunnel

2.1 Location

UTAD-2 wind tunnel is one of the facilities of the Aerodynamic Research Center of National Aviation University, which is situated in building #9 (click here to see NAU campus scheme).

2.2 General description

UTAD-2 is an atmospheric low speed wind tunnel of closed-return type with free-flow elliptical test section 750 mm wide, 420 mm high, and 900 mm long. The fan located in the diffuser is driven with 4 kW DC electric motor with electronic control system, which provide a sustained air velocity of 3.5...28 m/sec. Wind tunnel is constructed from wood, internal surface is filled with putty and painted.

2.3 Control Console

Control console is located on the desk near the test section and provide drive ON/OFF switching and continuously variable air velocity control and stabilization. Data acquisition and processing system is placed in a cabinet close to console and provide data measuring and processing.

2.4 Workshop

A fitter's bench is installed in the wind tunnel hall for jobbing. A workshop of TAD-2 wind tunnel is available for models manufacturing and repair if necessary.

Wind tunnel typeAtmospheric, closed return
Test sectionOpen (free flow), elliptical, 750 mm wide, 420 mm high, and 900 mm long,
section area 0.23 m2
Free-stream velocity3.5 - 28 m/sec
Angle angle-of-attack range-20 - +40o
Acceptable object dimensions:
wing span
wing area
equivalent diameter of bluff bodies

0.5 m
0.02 m2
0.01 m

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