Aerodynamic Research Center of
National Aviation University of Ukraine



Technical Guide to the TAD-2 Wind Tunnel

2. TAD-2 Wind Tunnel

2.1 Location

TAD-2 wind tunnel is the main facility of the Aerodynamic Research Center of National Aviation University, which is now in operation (click here to see NAU campus scheme). The Center includes several apartments in building #9 (1-st and 2-nd flours), three-storied building of TAD-1 and TAD-2 test sections, and two-storied apparatus building, where TAD-2 drive electric supply units and systems are located as well as TAD-1 main drive motors and all necessary equipment are situated.

2.2 General description

Figure 2.1 Top View Scheme of TAD-2 Wind Tunnel

TAD-2 is an atmospheric low speed wind tunnel of open-return type with octagonal 2.5 m high 4.0 m wide 5.5 m long constant 9.0 m2 cross test section, located in Eiffel chamber. The test section has slotted walls with slot-to-wall ratio of 15%, which provide minimal interference of wind tunnel and object investigated.
The wind tunnel structure is made of steel sheets with reinforcements. The drive consists of 12 axial fans installed in the so-called "sudden expansion" chamber each driven with individual 55 kW 3-phase asynchronous electric motors that produce free-stream velocity up to 42 m/sec (dynamic pressure 1100 Pa). First run took place in December 1979.
Now the development works are being performed for velocity increase.

Wind tunnel typeOpen-return type, two-phase flow, aerosol
Test sectionOctagonal closed test section with slotted walls 2.5 m high 4.0 m wide 5.5 m long constant 9.0 m2 cross section
Free-stream velocity2 - 42 m/sec.
Angle range:

Acceptable object dimensions
wing span
wing area
equivalent diameter of bluff bodies
airscrew diameter

2.7 m
0.75 m2
0.8 m
1.8 m

2.3 Control room

Control room is located on the second flour of TAD-1 and TAD-2 test sections building in the room, adjacent to TAD-2 test section. Control board of wind tunnel and its installation, computer-aided computing center providing measuring, calculation and presentation of necessary values in real time is located in room.

2.4 Workshop

Workshop is located on the first flour of TAD-1 and TAD-2 test sections building and furnished with standard machine tools and the hand tools for model parts manufacturing and alteration, experimental rigs and auxiliary units fabrication. In the workshop, the 2000 x 1000 mm precision surface plate for model geometry measurement is situated. Another 4500 x 3000 mm precision T-shaped surface plate is located in the preparation hall of TAD-1 wind tunnel.

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